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For almost 20 years, I’ve been writing and broadcasting for Chicagoland outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Pioneer Press and WGN TV. I published a book. You may know me from my Jon and Joe Show podcast.

I will occasionally write for other outlets and hope to write more books. But my primary platform for reporting and writing is in this space.

If there is one lesson that still remains from a college professor…

I understand how reading informs writing. I am a reader first.

What readers will get here is original reporting, part analysis on news of the day and longer form features reporting. It will be on subjects I have written about for a long time; sports and culture, athletes and coaches and the games we love, topics my audience and I are curious about. Chicagoland focus. 

But here’s the kicker—there is no space in the current journalism climate to get this type of reporting and writing.

If you care about original reporting with total independence…

Mainstream media is serving a wide audience. They are still practicing an a la carte approach to news and sports coverage. That coverage can be impacted by what private equity firm is now in the board room. 

A few questions to consider:

Do you read a lot? Are you an independent-thinker? Do you care about what’s going on in your community and how it impacts your family?  

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I know there is an audience for hyper-local, original reporting with a distinct voice. 

The Substack model allows for independent, authentic journalism, free of the shackles of corporate-driven decision-making, delivered on one platform with content readers actually want. 

No advertisement or video rolls…

Here’s another benefit to readers: independent newsletters supported by their audience get to be unflinching and courageous. There is no corporate interference or undisclosed business deals that sway content decisions. Authentic reporting with no interference. 

The Kerr Report delivers stories directly to your inbox. It’s that simple. No more waiting for the page to load because the video feed ad for the cruise line you have no interest in is running at the bottom of the page. No more having to navigate over the patio furniture sale ad to get to the next paragraph of the story you are actually interested in reading. 

Words delivered to your inbox. That’s it. 

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The Kerr Report publishes multiple times a week. You will need a paid subscription to receiver every update. Free subscribers receive occasional updates. 

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Jon J. Kerr
Jon Kerr is long time news and sports journalist, TV talk show host and podcaster. He lives in the Chicago suburbs.